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1227 Dodecyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride

2020-08-17 17:53:16
1227 Dodecyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride


    This product has the advantages of high efficiency, low toxicity, can fall on water, not affected by wood hardness, easy to use and low cost. It also has the function of corrosion inhibition for iron metal, cleaning and stripping slime and removing the arcane taste in water.


    1227 is a kind of anionic surfactant, which is widely used as bactericide, algaecide and slime stripping agent for industrial circulating cooling water and oilfield water injection. It can also be used as hospital disinfectant, metal wire cleaning agent, dyeing agent, softener and anti electric agent in printing and dyeing industry

    Quality index:


    Packaging and storage:

    1227 is packed in plastic drums, 25kg or 200kg per barrel. It is stored indoors in a cool and ventilated place with a shelf life of one year. Usage:

    When 1227 is used as non oxidizing bactericide and algicide, the dosage concentration is 50 ~ 100mg / L; when used as slime stripping agent, the dosage concentration is 200 ^ 300mg / L, which needs to be used together with defoamer. This product can be used together with other fungicides, such as isoxazolinone, dialdehyde, dithiocarbamate and so on. It can increase the efficacy, but it can not be used together with oxyphenols. After adding this product, the water in the loop can be filtered out or removed in order to prevent the foam from disappearing and depositing. Do not mix this product with anionic surfactants.

    Safety and protection:

    This product has a little almond flavor, and has no obvious irritation to the skin. When touching the skin, rinse with water.

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