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Why sludge treatment infrastructure construction is slow

2019-05-22 11:40:32

Choosing Local Government from Top and Bottom Disputes without hesitation

In the two stages of sludge treatment and disposal, Professor Wang Hongchen, Renmin University of China is regarded as having distinct differences. Firstly, the need to solve the sludge problem is emphasized. Based on this, the relevant standards must be reversed. First, the direction of disposal must be clear, then the choice of processing technology, and the formation and payment of business model.Sludge disposal is related to its ultimate goal, not a technical problem, and it should be carried out by state-specific technical enterprises.

He believed that up to now, the failure to achieve uniform direction was an important reason for the slow progress of sludge disposal work.Many local governments, especially for the sake of caution, still hold a wait-and-see attitude towards business losses.

Sludge treatment

Land use, incineration and landfill are different opinions on the final fate of sludge from top to bottom, from departments to experts, obvious differences, and even pollutants or resources in sludge: sludge pollutants, the weight of environmental safety in treatment and disposal, considered as resources, emphasize the comprehensive utilization of composite fungicides.

Whether the surrounding sludge land use is concerned with this issue is the most controversial.The reporter understands that at the Ministry and commission level, the construction attitude of the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance has consistently advocated indicators of heavy metal control standards, which can enter land; advocates of environmental protection of the Ministry can not enter agriculture, which can be used for the transformation of sandy land, and agricultural staunch opponents believe that even if the standards do not work for the Ministry.Disputes between different departments of the incineration route.