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Increase of sludge production after municipal sewage treatment

2019-05-22 11:40:18

With the rapid increase of sludge output after sewage treatment in China, the annual power generation capacity is expected to exceed 22 million tons. Sludge, equivalent to the capacity of the Three Gorges reservoir, nearly 80% of which has not been treated in a stable and harmless way, which is easy to cause secondary pollution to the environment.

On the one hand, there is an urgent demand for treatment and disposal, and on the other hand, the environmental protection industry is eager to try. However, it is still unclear how the two sides can find a meeting point and when the sludge treatment and disposal market will open up to 10 billion yuan.

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However, compared with the "impatient", under the siege of sludge and dumping at will, the social pressure is actually more urgent: 30% - 50% of the pollutants are transferred from sewage sludge to spend a lot of effort to reduce the pollutant emission of influent water, which actually leaves the "unfinished".

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