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Upgraded sewage discharge standard system to promote the development of sewage treatment industry

2020-07-20 15:47:54

Experienced from China's sewage HPMA treatment discharge standard "sewage integrated discharge standard" (GB)8978-88), the development process of the integrated sewage discharge standard (GB8978-96) and the pollutant discharge standard (GB18918-2002) of the sewage sludge discharge standard (CJ3025-93) of the urban sewage treatment plant. Each standard has played an active role in different historical stages and has strongly promoted the development of the sewage treatment industry in China.

The requirement of sewage sludge discharge standard of municipal sewage treatment plant (CJ3025-93) for BOD, COD and SS does not require the basic standards of nitrogen, phosphorus and sanitary indicators, and does not consider the needs of the environment. To a greater extent, the treatment standard, rather than the discharge standard, promotes the implementation of the standard and plays a positive role in the construction of sewage treatment.

Sewage treatment

The significance of ammonia nitrogen and phosphate, initial removal of nitrogen and phosphorus in the "Comprehensive Wastewater Discharge Standard" (GB8978-96) and the requirements have been put forward, which has prompted a considerable number of hydrolyzed polymaleic anhydride wastewater treatment plants to have to remove nitrogen and phosphorus, and the reverse A2O process has given birth to the characteristics of China.In addition, the implementation of design standards for sewage treatment plants puts forward higher requirements.

The pollutant discharge standard of urban sewage treatment plants "(GB18918-2002) is a new standard compared with that of"systematic, complete and operable to a greater extent.Four standards of the standard, in actual work, the implementation of "comprehensive sewage discharge standard B standard, total nitrogen, ammonia nitrogen and phosphorus requirements have been adjusted, clearly put forward health indicators.