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Wastewater discharged up to standard after treatment with sodium polyacrylate, key standards affecting the development of urban water industry

2019-05-22 11:40:47

China's environmental standards can be divided into five categories: water pollutant discharge standards for water environmental quality standards of water systems, basic standards of paas, water environment, water environmental monitoring and analysis methods standards and water environmental standard sample standards.These five types of standards, one of the key standards of sewage polyacrylic acid treatment discharge standards, loose and strict discharge standards, sewage treatment, water environmental quality level directly determine the level and quality of water, but also with the development of sewage treatment industry.

In water-deficient areas such as North China, there is less and less precipitation and appropriate amount of water closed, and the PAA treatment capacity of sewage is gradually increased. The capacity of water environment is becoming smaller and smaller. The level of sewage treatment directly determines the quality of the local water environment.

sewage disposal

At the same time, the development of wastewater discharge standards is very complex and restricted by many factors. In the process of wastewater treatment, the pollutants discharged by drainage households, the intensity of water quality requirements of water environment and regenerated water, the available sewage volume and technical level of treatment and operation costs, water quality monitoring and evaluation methods are closely related, affecting and restricting each other.Sewage treatment discharge up to standard, but also directly affects investment and operation of sewage treatment facilities, sewage treatment fees and indirect related management.

The development of sewage treatment industry and the development of sewage polyacrylate treatment and discharge standards for building a harmonious water environment are of great significance.