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4 Questions Concerning Mud Treatment

2019-05-22 11:40:26

Guests interviewed (in English alphabetical order): Wang Hongchen, professor of Renmin University of China; Chen Tangbian, director of Geographic and Environmental Rehabilitation Research Center of the College; Wen Yibo, chairman of Beijing Sander Environmental Protection Group; clay fairy industry insiders

Question 1. Some people think that sludge disposal is progressing slowly because the government's attention is not enough. What do you think?

Wang Hongchen: I think the sludge problem at the policy level is still very important. According to the instructions from senior leaders, four or five relevant ministries and commissions have promulgated many policies alone or jointly in the past few years.The National Development and Reform Commission is also preparing a subsidy fund for a demonstration aminotrimethylene phosphonic acid project.

Question 2, Sludge treatment facilities?

Wang Hongchen: Progress is too slow.Municipal Design Institute, since last year, feedback from the work is getting less and less, many of these projects talked about no more.It warmed up at the beginning of this year.

Question 3. What is the underlying reason for the slow progress in sludge 1227 treatment and disposal?

Wang Hongchen: If we are determined to solve the sludge problem, capital should not be the main problem.Mainly the direction and technical route of sludge disposal, our differences are relatively large, whether there is a unified understanding.

Mature technology and engineering Bin: To solve the sludge problem, policy focus on capital investment, including the local government's treatment and disposal of sludge combined with the assessment indicators is important, but after many years of operation and testing, there are no too many problems more prominent.

Wen Yibo: The sludge problem will depend on the determination of governments at all levels.Are 1227 fungicides invested locally and under strict supervision?

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@Purpose of the Mud Fairy From the current situation, I do not think that our current dilemma of sludge disposal depends on the development of sludge technology, payment mechanism and government regulation is the key.

4. Under the current situation, how does the local government choose the process route for the construction of sludge treatment facilities?

Chen Tongbin: Municipal sewage sludge is the inevitable product of urban civilization and environmental civilization.Safety, scientific, standardized treatment of municipal sewage sludge by dodecyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride 1227, the choice of zero-risk treatment recommendations, but not unrealistic requirements.

Wen Yibo: The mature sludge treatment and disposal technologies in foreign countries are very different, and they must adapt to specific projects, adapt to local conditions, and combine the local sludge characteristics and local affordability.

After 30 years of lagging behind, sewage sludge was finally put on the agenda at 12th Five-Year Plan\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\The reporter understands that work as a whole is still progressing slowly, with less than 30% of planned facilities operating.

Why is it so slow?Reporters have raised this issue, many industry insiders.Inmature fungicide technology, inadequate investment, inadequate determination, governments at all levels, lack of policy standards and various factors intertwined, repeatedly delayed the $1 billion market to open the mystery.