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Discharge Standards of Sewage in Reformed and Developed Industries

2020-07-20 16:00:08

Future emission standards should not only fully reflect science-based environmental management ideas, which are state and local governments with clear management responsibilities, but should be based on comprehensive considerations.

Firstly, due to the local economic development level, inconsistent water environment capacity and various environmental problems, it is difficult to manage the current water environment problems well by using unified sewage treatment discharge standards.Therefore, the main responsibility of the country does not lie in the development of specific standard values, but in the establishment of a complete set of scientifically sound standard-setting systems and systems, and the development of emission standards according to local conditions.That is to say, on the one hand, basic, more relaxed standards should be developed, rather than a specific one.Loose standards do not mean that it is not conducive to the protection of the environment. Loose standards are conducive to the formulation and implementation of local specific emission standards.On the other hand, the power to formulate local standards should be strengthened to help local formulation.

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Secondly, consideration should be given to the system-wide, comprehensive analysis of discharge-processing-user after sewage treatment, the interaction between the three, and the economically and technically feasible discharge standards at work level.Discharge standards consider the implementation of large amounts of industrial wastewater, landfill leachate, and even seriously affect the stable operation of sewage treatment plants.In water treatment, consideration should be given to the characteristics of standard sewage treatment, especially the characteristics of biological treatment, water quality monitoring values, for a period of 7 days or longer, in order to better reflect the operational status of public treatment facilities.The proposed use of wastewater, wastewater reuse and landscape rehydration requirements considered by the user.The absence of watered dry rivers in the northern region is reflected in the criteria, which should be considered.

In addition, sewage treatment discharge standard is not a product standard, because consumer sewage treatment, sewage treatment is a public welfare, public welfare standard evaluation can not only look at a few simple values, but also include sampling methods, implementation evaluation methods in-depth investigation and research.At the same time, the government should guide industry associations, learn to give full play to their own advantages, feedback survey standards, in the past few years, and actively participate in feedback survey and revised standards.The formulation or revision of these standards is of great interest.