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HPMA Hydrolyzed polymaleic anhydride

2020-08-17 18:05:56
HPMA Hydrolyzed polymaleic anhydride


HPMA is a kind of low molecular weight polyelectrolyte with a general relative molecular weight of 400-800. It is nontoxic, easily soluble in water, with high chemical and thermal stability. The decomposition temperature is above 330 ℃. At high temperature (< 350 ℃) and high pH, the solution limit effect is obvious.


HPMA is suitable for alkaline water or in combination with other drugs. HPMA still has good scale inhibition and dispersion effect on carbonate below 300 ℃, and the scale inhibition time can reach 100 h. Because of its excellent scale inhibition and high temperature resistance, HPMA is widely used in the flash evaporation device of seawater desalination, including low-pressure boiler, steam locomotive, crude oil dehydration, water transmission pipeline and industrial circulating cooling water. In addition, HPMA has a certain corrosion inhibition effect, and the combination effect of HPMA and zinc salt is better.

HPMA can also be used as cement additive and saline alkali soil conditioner.

Quality index:


usage method:

HPMA is usually compounded with organic phosphonates in the range of 1-15 ppm. It is used in circulating cooling water, oilfield water injection, crude oil dehydration treatment and low-pressure boiler furnace treatment. It has a good effect of inhibiting scale formation and stripping old scale, and the scale inhibition rate can reach 98%. When HPMA is mixed with zinc salt, the corrosion of carbon steel can be effectively prevented.

Packaging and storage:

30 kg per barrel or determined by the user. The storage period is 10 months,

Safety and protection:

HPMA is acidic and should be avoided from contact with skin, eyes, etc. after contact, rinse with plenty of water.