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PAPE Polyhydric Alcohol Phosphate Ester

2020-08-17 17:03:59
PAPE Polyhydric Alcohol Phosphate Ester


PAPE has an excellent inhibitory effect on barium and strontium scale deposition in water beyond the control of existing scale inhibitors in China. It also has an excellent scale inhibition effect on calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate and other insoluble salt deposits in water. It has a cathodic protection effect on steel, and the corrosion inhibition effect is better than that of the existing domestic similar products.It is well miscible with polycarboxylate, organic phosphonate, inorganic phosphate, zinc salt and other water stabilizers.


PAPE can be used as barium salt scale inhibitor for oil field, in addition, it is also a multi-effect, high-quality water quality stabilizer for circulating cooling water.

Quality indicators:


Usage method:

It varies with water quality and process conditions.Polyol phosphates are used as scale inhibitors with a general dosage of less than 15 mg/L and can be used as corrosion inhibitors in closed circulation up to 150 mg/L or more.

Packaging and storage:

PAPE is packaged in 30 kg plastic drums and stored in a cool and dry place for 10 months.

Safety and protection:

PAPE is acidic liquid and corrosive to a certain extent. Pay attention to protection when using it. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Once it splashes on the body, it should be rinsed with plenty of water immediately.