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HEDP Hydroxyethylenediphosphonic acid

2020-08-18 10:34:05
HEDP Hydroxyethylenediphosphonic acid


HEDP is an organic phosphoric acid scale inhibitor and corrosion inhibitor, which can form stable complexes with iron, copper, zinc and other metal ions and dissolve oxides on metal surfaces.HEDP can still play a good role in corrosion and scale inhibition at 250 C. It is still stable at high pH value, not easy to hydrolyze, and not easy to decompose under general photothermal conditions.The acid and alkaline resistance and chlorine oxidation resistance are better than those of other organic phosphoric acids (salts).HEDP can form hexacyclic chelate with metal ions, especially calcium ions in water, so HEDP has better scale inhibition effect and obvious solubility limit effect.


HEDP is widely used in electric power, chemical industry, metallurgy, chemical fertilizer and other industrial circulating cooling water systems and in the scale inhibition and corrosion inhibition of medium and low pressure boilers, oil field water injection and oil pipelines; it can be used as a cleaning agent for metals and non-metals in the light textile industry, a peroxide stabilizer and fixing agent in the bleaching industry, and a complexing agent in the cyanide-free electroplating industry.

Quality indicators:


Usage method:

HEDP is generally used as scale inhibitor at a concentration of 1-10 mg/L, as corrosion inhibitor at a general concentration of 10-50 mg/L, as detergent at a general concentration of 1000-2000 mg/L; it is usually used in conjunction with polycarboxylic acid type scale inhibitor dispersant.

Packaging and storage:

HEDP liquids are packed in plastic drums, 30Kg or 250Kg per drum; HEDP solids are packed in plastic woven bags lined with polyethylene bags, with a net weight of 25kg per bag, which can also be determined according to user needs.Store in a cool and ventilated room, damp-proof, for 10 months.

Safety and protection:

HEDP is acidic, pay attention to labor protection during operation, avoid contact with eyes and skin, once splashed on the body, it should be immediately rinsed with a large amount of water.